Why you need to simplify your life now

SMH Executive Style 4th December 2014

Be Better Not Bigger

"Be Better Not Bigger" has been my mantra for the last 12 months.

Since being on this path I am less stressed, doing more things that directly benefit me, have better relationships with others and myself, my savings have increase by several thousand dollars each month and without struggle I've dropped over 10kg.

I'm still search for my purpose/reason in life, however  with this mantra I now have less distractions and more time to discover it and when I do even more time to enjoy it.

May you find peace and Merry Christmas.

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How to Get Out of Debt ASAP

Adviser Ratings Article 24th November 2014

How To Get Out of Debt ASAP

A man came up to me and asked “You can’t be debt free in 5 years or less if you own a home”.  I said “Really, do you mind if I use you as an example?”

“This will be interesting” He responded.

“Can you save 10% of your gross income?” I asked.

His response was “If it means I will be debt free in 5 years absolutely."

The following is the sequence we recommended the client pay down their individual loans so to achieve the goal of being debt free in less than 5 years.

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Reverse mortgages: easy income or wealth erosion?

NRMA Living Well Magazine: 19th November 2014

Reverse mortgages: easy income or wealth erosion?

It may seem like an attractive source of funds - but does tapping into your equity sooner mean shortchanging yourself down the track?

Quite possibly, says Sydney certified financial planner Peter Horsfield, who believes reverse mortgages can be a dangerous form of wealth erosion for the unwary.

If you're being charged interest and not making repayments, the balance of the loan will balloon over time, Horsfield says. So more to spend now is likely to mean less in reserve for aged care when and if you need it, or other essential requirements later.

According to the Commonwealth Bank, a reverse mortgage of $50,000 at a fixed interest rate of 8.5 per cent will increase to $272,060 in 20 years, if no repayments are made.

Read More: https://www.mynrma.com.au/living-well-navigator/independent-living/reverse-mortgages.htm

How to get the most out of your tax return

The NewDaily 10th November 2014

How to get the most out of your tax return

The deadline for taxpayers filing their own tax returns was October 31, meaning thousands of Australians are now eagerly awaiting news of a tax bill or refund.

For those lucky enough to receive a tidy windfall from their tax return, the next question to consider is what to spend it on.

Financial planner Peter Horsfield says there are countless ways to spend, but knowing what to do with your cash all comes down to individual circumstances.

Consider the future when spending a windfall.

Read More: http://thenewdaily.com.au/money/2014/11/10/free-money-get-tax-return-other-windfall/

Peter Horsfield Awarded Platinum Adviser Status With Adviser Ratings

Adviser Ratings Platinum Status Award: 31st October 2014

Adviser RatingsPeter Horsfield CFP attains Adviser Platinum Status

Adviser Ratings
Help us transform an Industry - Australia's first and only independent financial adviser ratings and customer reviews service. http://www.adviserratings.com.au/


Read More: http://www.adviserratings.com.au/advisers/peter-horsfield-cfp--dip-fa

Are your best buddies sending you broke?

The NEWDAILY: 29th October 2014

friends-on-a-boat.jpg As life progresses, so does your income, but not everyone’s income grows at the same rate. Friends that shared the same broke instant ramen or cheap pizza at uni may have moved on in tastes.

“Of course we all want to feel part of something,” financial advisor Peter Horsfield says. “However, overstretching yourself to keep up with the Joneses is both an emotionally and financially risky strategy.”

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Interest Rates What the Reserve Bank could do next

RealEstate.com.au October 2014


There are widespread expectations interest rates will stay where they are when the Reserve Bank of Australia meets tomorrow.

But some experts also believe Australians are edging closer to a rate rise.

Financial planner Peter Horsfield believes the RBA will keep rates on hold this month but will be forced to act on what is seen as a growing bubble in the property sector created by high real estate prices.


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Food for Financial Thought

NRMA:Living Well 13th October 2014

Food For Financial Thought

Whats the most valuable advice this two-million copy best seller offers? That creating wealth is a habit, says Sydney financial adviser Peter Horsfield who puts it on his must read list.

Making Money Made Simple - Noel Whittaker

Published in 1987, Brisbane financial commentator Whittakers first book is a beginners guide to managing personal finances, which includes easy-to-understand information on investing in cash, property and shares.

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How to Cash in on the falling $A

 AFR Australian Financial Review 16th October 2014

 AFR Australian Financial Review October 2014

Peter Horsfield, founder of financial advice business Smart Advice agrees that as the US economy recovers and global investors move their money to less volatile economies, the global ­reallocation of investments and ­currencies is creating both headwinds and gains for Australian share ­market investors.

He suggests winners from the recent downward movement of the currency will be travel and tourism business, as well as Australian companies looking to merge with firms domiciled in other jurisdictions.

However, Horsfield says sectors set to face higher operational costs as a result of the lower dollar will include domestic banks, local property firms and consumer retailers selling imported goods such as electronic devices and vehicles.

As to where the dollar is heading, he says, “anyone who says they can predict future currency directions is best avoided when making investment decisions or listened to only for entertainment purposes.”

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