Undertaking a financial check-up: Is everything in order?

MyNRMA 11th August 2014

mynrma-11thaugDo you pay an annual visit to the GP to check everything is in sound working order? While a regular medical check-up is par for the course for many of us, how many take the time to ensure their financial affairs are in equally good health?

If you don't, you should, says Sydney financial adviser Peter Horsfield, who gives his clients an annual 146-point check-up to ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

If you've been cruising along, leaving matters to chance, then perhaps it's time to get out the figurative stethoscope and run a few quick tests.

Here are some suggestions to get you started

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How to Save Money to Avoid a Quick Financial Ruin

Rate Choice, August 12th 2014

ratechoiceaugIt takes hard work to earn money, but your funds can be easily depleted before you know it. This is true for most ordinary workers living from one paycheck to another, who have to struggle with financial obligations as well as spend for the fulfillment of their leisurely activities. It can be quite frustrating once you realise that you are already stuck on a cycle of having to squeeze up your hard-earned money from day to day.

However, it is not too late to change your financial status and habits. Aside from storing your money through a savings account, Susannah Guthrie of The New Daily recently revealed other ways for you to save money fast using simple and innovative means.

Citing the tips provided by Peter Horsfield, a financial advisor and the founder of Smart Advice, the source recommended the following approaches to save money

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Debt makes sense

Business First Magazine, August 21st, 2014

debt makes sense

I believe that debt if addressed intelligently, is an excellent strategy to consider writes Peter Horsfield CFP, founder of SMARTadvice.

Here are some of the following examples where I believe debt is appropriate.

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What’s needed to start an SMSF

Financial Review, 19th March 2014

finreviewmarFinancial adviser Peter Horsfield, founder of financial planning business SMART Advice, says one reason why younger people are increasingly starting SMSFs is because they are less trusting of the financial services industry.

“They are also empowered by information from the internet and their own investment knowledge. Younger people are also more driven by peer pressure from their friends, so they are emotionally compelled to start their own fund. They also have a sense of invincibility and believe retirement is a long time off.”

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Clever Ways To Save Money Fast

The New Daily 12th August 2014

Clever Ways To Save Money

Saving up for something important is a rewarding process that can take commitment and time. But what if it was possible to cut the wait and skip the hard work?

“Wealth creation is simple. At times frustrating, yet simple,” Peter Horsfield, financial advisor and founder of Smart Advice, says.

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Wise Moves in Downsizing

Wise Moves in Downsizing, Sydney Morning Herald, April 6th, 2014

downsizingRetirement is upon you, the boomerang kids look as though they've finally left for good and you're sick of cutting grass no one plays on and cleaning spare bathrooms no one uses.

Chances are you're aged between 55 and 70 and ready to enter the downsizing phase; where selling up and shifting to somewhere smaller, more convenient and easier to maintain holds serious appeal.

But what are the best ways to move smartly and maximise your financial position?

The keys are judicious planning and an objective approach, says Howard Briggs, 72, who went through the process in 2002, a year after his retirement from the Queensland public service.

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Road to Riches paved with good habits

Sydney Morning Herald February 2014

road to riches 22nd February 2014. Thanks to David Wilson and the Sydney Morning Herald. The full version of my article will be uploaded to my blog shortly.

Also appearing in the Canberra Times.

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Money - Sydney Morning Herald

Sydney Morning Herald, May 7th 2014

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nothing-to-worry-aboutWith the pension age increasing and a potential flattening out of the property market, Generation Z - those born from the mid 1990s - might have a tougher time than previous generations building a nest egg.

With the first crop of this age group now entering the workforce and making compulsory super contributions, this generation, the first purebred digital natives, is going to have to start thinking about investment strategies.

But unlike previous generations, research shows saving for a home isn't a high priority. According to a survey released by ME Bank in February this year, only 24.7 per cent of young singles intend to buy a home they will live in as owner-occupiers.

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How to meet your money Goals

How to meet your most ambitious money goals. New Daily, March 19th


You CAN meet your financial goals – no matter how remote they seem. Three inspiring Australians share their stories about aiming high and putting their plans into action.

Sometimes meeting a financial goal can seem like a never-ending struggle. Whether it’s paying off your mortgage, starting your own business or saving for a holiday, it often takes massive lifestyle changes and outside advice to get there.

Here, we talk to three people who are living proof that pure commitment can go a long way.

"I became a Millionaire at 35"
Peter Horsfield

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