28 Day Fast Day 2

26 Days Remain

29th June 2017

Song for Day 2: U2- One

Quote for the Day: "By fasting, the body learns to obey the soul; by praying the soul learns to command the body."- William Secker

Fortunately sleep was uninterrupted last night and I experienced a full seven hours of rest. This morning I awoke fresh however I’m still carrying a lingering headache simular to a mild hangover.

Many self-doubt and negative thoughts continue to present themselves as I let them go and try to remain present and more in the moment.

Also I have no feeling of hunger at this stage however when I squeezed a fresh juice for Rosalind this morning (and it was more than a standard size as I squeezed for two), a flash of temptation to take a sip spoke to me. Looking at the fresh juice I felt a sensation, simular to satisfaction; tasting the fresh juice if I was to take a sip. I told myself the juice I’d made was not for me and I continued to prepare for my day ahead.

Spirituality/core values

I invested some time researching fasting in the Bible. My prayers and constant thought continue that I receive His Holy Spirit. I know (deeply in my spirit) I have been freed from my sin because Jesus has paid the price of my sins for me, however I feel that I’ve yet to experience the presence of the Holy Spirit that we are promised as Christians. I will continue this fast until 28days or my sincere prayers are heard.


Rosalind seems slightly perturbed, cynical and concerned for my health and our business after I told her I have already began my fast.

I feel that I needed to begin my fast first as I find it’s easier to be already on a journey and inform others rather than hearing their opinion and risk this derailing my intentions.

I did not tell her of my intention to fast for 28 days as I believe she would have taken great issue to the length and my best intentions would be derailed through her stiff opposition. So when asked how long I intended to be on ‘this” fast for? I told her I’ll see how it goes, a few days and under my breath maybe some more.

This will be an ongoing issue throughout my fast as Rosalind is a loving and caring woman who feels a duty to love others by telling them what they should do and going into battle on their behalf.

Rosalind prepared dinner and lunch for both of us and I had to re-explain I have chosen to be on a water fast. To which the threat of “Well I’ll be throwing out your food then” was made. My only response was ok.

Health/ Physical

Aside from the sensation of a mild hang over I am experiencing mild aching in my legs and some stiffness in my neck and shoulders. I have some phlegm at the back of my throat that seems stuck.

I continue to drink as much water as I want, however I feel more a dryness than thirst in my mouth.

It’s raining outside so it’s difficult to go for a stroll. I’m feeling that some light exercise would do me good.

As I mentioned before I’m not experiencing any feeling of hunger.


We’re nearing the end of financial year, so we are quite busy with day to day client matters. I continue to act quickly and proactively on all outstanding matters. Staff are still unaware of my fasting. Business as usual.


Again no lunch purchased so I saved $10.

Physical Reality Benchmark

Day 2- 29th June 2017

Age: 46

Sex : Male

Weight: 88.7kg / 200 pounds (2.3kg loss)

Neck: 44cm / 17.5 inches (no loss)

Chest: 111cm / 44 inches (no loss)

Mid: 96.5cm /38 inches (1.5cm loss)

Thigh: 53cm/ 21 inches (no loss)

Disclaimer and Warning: I am not a Doctor or medically trained professional. You should not fast on your own and you should seek the assistance and guidance of a medical practitioner before considering to fast. The research I have done has been solely for my own personal purposes. The information I am sharing is particular to me and should not be relied upon. Warning prolonged fasting and starvation can lead to death and serious lifelong irreversible medical conditions.

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28 Day Fast Day 1

27 Days Remain

28th June 2017

Song for Day 1: The Black keys- Lonely Boy!

Quote for the Day: “It’s no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then”- Lewis Carrol. Alice in Wonderland

In January of 2013 I found myself in hospital for a week after holiday in Kakadu in Australia’s Northern Territorysplitting the webbing between my fingers. I conveniently also had an infection in my cut from the tropics. Bed ridden and connected to a drip while an antidote was being batched for my flesh eating bacterial infection, I lay there watching my fingers swell to the size of sausages with the risk of amputation increasing daily if an antidote wasn’t found ASAP.

Laying in that hospital bed and realising the fact I was infact mortal, I pondered the genesis of personal improvement; change and how to best execute my activities to achieve my desired results.

Then came clarity and with it the realisation that real change must come first from within. 

What is inside us is revealed to us in our reality. 

From this place of clarity and inner alignment of my core values, spirituality and acceptance of my physical mortality I would be able to be my best self and add value to others.

Naturally because of being more congruent with my values my health would improve and body heal through less stress, greater physical activity and an improved diet.

Being healthier would lead to better performance at work, opening opportunities for career advancement and ultimately improved finances. Voila, a changed man!

With these insights and 4.5 years later of procrastination, I’m now embark on my 28 Days of Fasting.

Along with my physical benchmarking I intend to journal my experiences across these areas important to me in my life.

  • Spirituality/Core values
  • Relationships
  • Health/ Physical
  • Career
  • Finances

Spirituality/Core values

These are following thoughts that keep presenting themselves today

  • You’re not going to make it.
  • Here we go again.
  • Later you’ll be back where you are today
  • Why are you even bothering?
  • Yep day 1 will be fine, maybe even up to day 3 but then you’ll crack, let alone hold out to day 28
  • What about your promises to go out?
  • You’re creating unnecessary stress.
  • How are you going to manage business, concentration, clients?
  • You always fail… look to your past
  • Rosalind is going to snap because she’s just been food shopping!

This morning I prayed that God be true to his word. That with Jesus departing until his return we would be given His Holy Spirit. I prayed that during this time of fasting His Holy Spirt come close to me, support, protect, encourage and guide me during this time and in doing so I’m drawn closer to Him. I am Christian and consider myself a spiritual being, having an interest in fasting, spirituality and deepening my relationship with God, Jesus and His Holy Spirit. 


More introspective today as I deal with the negative thoughts that keep presenting themselves.  I’m simply letting these doubts pass acknowledging that with any change there is resistance. It’s a universal law, i.e. change imparts resistance, so I’m just going with the flow.

I am being mindful to walk with my shoulders back and head up.

Also singing the song of the day in my head brings a smile to my face. The Black keys- Lonely Boy! As such I’m not feeling grumpy or short tempered at all. Actually I feel quite happy J

I haven’t told anyone about my fasting at the office or at home.

Health/ Physical

Last night I didn’t sleep well. I had a broken sleep and I awoke to loud stomach grumbles. I’m yet to feel hungry and I have been thinking more about how to avoid food rather than a desire for it.

I have a slight heaviness in my head but nothing distracting and I still feel mentally sharp, however I’m mindful that my attention to detail needs more focus than would normally be required.

I am drinking lots of water and needing regular toileting, however no No2 as of yet.  

Today I’ve consumed 4 litre of water. This I assume is the reason why no weight has occurred in the first 24hrs, however my belt feels slightly looser.


This morning I clean shaved, deodorised and dressed in professional business attire. The work that needs to be done I put as a priority and try to pace myself for new activities, just to ensure I’m not taking on more than I can deliver.


Saved $10 as I didn’t have to buy lunch.

Physical Reality Benchmark

28th June 2017

Age: 46

Sex : Male

Weight: 91kg / 200 pounds (no loss)

Neck: 44cm / 17.5 inches (no loss)

Chest: 111cm / 44 inches (no loss)

Mid: 96.5cm /38 inches (0.5cm loss)

Thigh: 53cm/ 21 inches (no loss)

Disclaimer and Warning: I am not a Doctor or medically trained professional. You should not fast on your own and you should seek the assistance and guidance of a medical practitioner before considering to fast. The research I have done has been solely for my own personal purposes. The information I am sharing is particular to me and should not be relied upon. Warning prolonged fasting and starvation can lead to death and serious lifelong irreversible medical conditions.

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28 Days Water Fast

28 Days

Water Fast

What is water fasting? 

It is the fasting process of consuming only water during ones time of fasting. For clarity this means no coffee, tea, juice, meal replacers or foods of any kind. 

Why 28 days? 

The length of time one chooses to fast is decided by the faster. After researching and discovering the health benefits of detox, fasting (and having experienced fasting previously) and time needed to reset and support a change of habits, I determined 28 days of water fasting would be the optimal time I need to achieve my following goals. 

  • Detoxification
  • Spiritual enlightenment
  • Healthier relationships
  • Empowerment
  • Financial benefit
  • Physical appearance


Life is a journey which we get to experience in both the driver seat and the passenger seat. 

In the passenger seat we get to relax, take in the views and contemplate life as it passes by. In the driver seat we are responsible for the destination, road taken, communication and safety of all. 

Currently I believe I’m a passenger. A passenger who wants to get back in the driver seat. 

Importantly my transition success, from passenger to driver is heavily reliant on my preparedness to take on this driver role. This requires definitively knowing my destination, being 100% committed to my responsibilities, adaptable to changing conditions and willing to constantly measure the progress along the way to my destination. 

In the past I have attempted this journey as the driver and seen quick success, however complacency soon followed and then shortcuts to try and regain my progress only to give up because the task got to hard or I believed more in my excuses. 

Many times as the driver I have tried different strategies, different settings, and different ways to reach my destination and its rewards and for a time they work and I get closer to where I want to be but time and time again self-doubt creeps back in before I find myself back the comfort of the passenger seat, on the path to a different destination I intended. 

I once read a rich man’s advice about success. “First you decide what you specifically want: and second you decide if you’re willing to pay the price to make it happen- and then pay that price” 

Looking back I was prepared to pay the price and I paid it, but I wasn’t prepared or mindful of the ongoing costs in maintaining what I wanted. 

What’s the price? 

Aside from the obvious i.e. no food, throughout the fast, my passion, belief, strategies, values, energy, relationships and communication skills will all be tested time and time again. It’s the letting go of the things that hurt me and continue to believe, think, and do that which helps me. 

What will I gain? 

Power. From knowledge, experiences and action, leading to greater understanding. 

What I know of my journey ahead? 

From both research and past fasting experiences. The first three days are generally the most difficult due to blood sugar dropping and the body experiencing withdrawal from coffee, nicotine etc. Symptoms experienced are most likely 

  • Light headedness
  • Short temper
  • Broken sleep
  • Intense hunger
  • Bad breath
  • Forgetfulness
  • Easily distracted
  • Overly oily skin and pimples
  • Limited or nil stool
  • Increase mucus
  • Clogged sinus 

Day’s four to seven the desire for food is expected to decrease as the body enters early stages of ketosis. The headaches from caffeine withdrawal should subside however I may still feel listless. Symptoms experienced during this stage are most likely   

Day’s eight to fifteen the desire for food is expected to disappear in addition to a lack of hunger, with the body in a depending stage of ketosis. Research points to clarity of mind, greater energy levels, and feelings of wellness. However old injuries may become irritated as scar tissue is dissolved by the body, due to the toxins leaving the body ones legs may become sore and tight. Also I should expect my tongue to be white as toxins leave the body also through my tongue. 

Day’s sixteen to twenty eight my body is expected to be in full ketosis and adapted to the fasting process. My mind should be clear, and I have more energy, I’m expected to be emotionally less irritable, have improved concentration and my tongue back to its natural pink colour. 

Day twenty nine I intend to break my fast.

Physical Reality Benchmark

27th June 2017

Age: 46

Sex : Male

Weight: 91kg / 200 pounds 

Height: 178cm / 5 feet 10 inches 

Race: Caucasian

Neck: 44cm / 17.5 inches 

Chest: 111cm / 44 inches 

Mid: 96.5cm /38 inches

Thigh: 53cm/ 21 inches 


Disclaimer and Warning: I am not a Doctor or medically trained professional. You should not fast on your own and you should seek the assistance and guidance of a medical practitioner before considering to fast. The research I have done has been solely for my own personal purposes. The information I am sharing is particular to me and should not be relied upon. Warning prolonged fasting and starvation can lead to death and serious lifelong irreversible medical conditions.




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Rule 34 & Financial Pornography

Disapearing Soap


“Money is like soap, the more you touch it the smaller it gets” Warren Buffet.

Doh! Now I can’t get the image out of my mind of Warren Buffet, lathering up with a bar of soap in one hand whilst extolling his sage investment insights and cautionary tales of financial pornography and its threat to one’s wealth! Help!

Anyway. What’s soap, Warren Buffet and financial pornography got to do about protecting our wealth?

Well let me explain, but first the following are some interesting facts I recently discovered about pornography after googling the search term Interesting facts you don’t know about porn.


  • 30 percent of internet content is porn. Source Psychology Today
  • In 2001, there were around 70,000 adult websites. Today, just 12 years later (2013), they are more than 4.2 million pornographic websites in the US alone. Source Brobible
  • In 2013 the reported porn industry brought in revenue of $13 billion. Not million, billion. By comparison, Hollywood released 507 movies in 2013 and made only 8.8 billion. Source Hexjam
  • Rule 34. A Generally accepted internet rule that states that pornography or sexually related material exists for any conceivable subject. Source Wikipedia

“You learn something new every day”.

However in the present business age of niche marketing and trying to best define your point of difference what really grabbed my attention was is this Rule 34, being the rule that pornographic material exists for any conceivable subject.

Furthermore when paralleling this Rule 34 of pornography to today’s financial mass media I discovered both having incredibly close similarities.

Here are just a few to ponder:

  • Information is presented in a sensational manner to arouse a quick intense emotional reaction. See The Big Tease
  • Both regularly bait viewers into buying or subscribing to services.
  • Both are promoted with the guise of missing out if not acted upon immediately.
  • There are endless money niche's, investments, styles, courses and comentators
  • Both often include embedded cookies for later promotions. Cookies
  • Over consumption of both may lead to detrimental psychologically addictions.

The last similarity is an interesting one, especially if making money and keeping it is important to you.

Much has been researched about pornography addition due to its taboo and public interest, however simular anti-social behaviours are easily identifiable of those who maybe struggling with financial pornography addiction.  

Consider the following behavioural habits

  • The inability to sleep each night without the financial news on because it pacifies you.
  • The first activity in the morning is to listen to the latest financial news.
  • Stopping relationship conversations, or interrupting activities with friends to read market information or investment updates.
  • Increased anxiety when unable to access regular financial news and information.
  • Checking value of your stock holding and asset values on a daily basis
  • Depression regarding your financial decisions.
  • Difficulty in relating to others who have interests other than your own.

While you may think the solution is to simply “Stop It!” this going cold turkey approach may prove to have short term financially detrimental and relationship isolating consequences albeit benefits in the long term.

If cold turkey is not your cup of tea then maybe seeking some financial therapy may help, however already aware of having a financial pornography problem is already a huge step in the right direction.

“So what’s the best way forward?” I hear you ask.  Here’s a hint. Look to professional sports.

The reason sports professionals and teams have coaches is not because everyone else has one. It’s because coaches hold their stars accountable. Yes great coaches also refine their star’s techniques but by far the most important benefit they provide is accountability in the relationship.

Be it sports, financial, business, spiritual, or relationship success, those who can best manage the purgatory of the plateau also experience more opportunities than those who cannot stay the course.

When it comes to money, the real value of your adviser is the same i.e. accountability. And the results are evidential. How you can increase your chance of success by 85%. The other important benefit is your advisor benchmarking and supporting your progress along your journey to achieving your important goal.

The relationship you have with your financial advisor it’s not about the next hot thing or keeping up with the Jones’s. It’s about you, what’s important to you and giving a higher probability of success for you achieving this, keeping you focused and avoiding low value distractions.

However if you enjoy playing with your soap (money) and touching it (money) is important to you, then please don’t get yourself into a lather when you find it’s disappeared down the drain, you’ve only got yourself to blame.

If you are stuck in a funk or you’re lost in a cloud of complexity feel free to contact me. Most often in life we just need someone to talk things through. The following article may also be of help.

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