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Herald Sun 15th June 2019

fb274cbc2ae5b4ee4fc3715f3b37e321True financial wealth is measured in millions of dollars rather than thousands, and Australia’s mega-rich live by some simple rules that are vastly different than the rest of us.

David Wilson reporter for interviewed Certified Financial Planner Peter Horsfield of SmartAdvice who say's "another way tycoons stayed flush, was through avoiding divorce by taking care of their spouses"..

Invest more time in your other half, he said. Shared experiences need not involve extra spending. Try jabbering “like two monkeys in a tree”, having a home-cooked meal or taking a romantic walk.

“Did you know that divorce is the fastest way to lose half or more of your wealth?” Mr Horsfield said.


• Splash on assets, not luxuries.

• Live like you’re poor. Chasing status is foolish.

• Avoid keeping up with the Joneses, Flanagans, Chans or Nguyens.

• Recycle your savings into investments.

Read the full article here: How the rich preserve their wealth

Blue Drop - 28th June 2019

AC CobraMark McKenna reporter and writter for BlueDerop asked Peter Horsfield to contribute to his article about Fleet Vehicle down time and the cost of having a vehicle off the road.

While this was a really supprising request for a contribution, Peter was happy to oblige, since knowing from personal experience the benefits of proactive maintaining ones assets not only saves money, and increase the value of a classic asset, it also ensures ones quality of life is maintained, with as little disruption as possible. Previously owned a classice 1965 AC Cobra (picture insert).

Peter Horsefield, the Founder of Smart Advice, states that "putting off or prolonging important maintenance such as servicing can actually really impact your workforce. This can be from their comfort, for example insufficient air condition through the summer months, to potentially catastrophic consequences due to lax maintenance or inadequate insurance."

To read the full artice clieck on thefollowing link:


Fairfax Newspaper- 29th May 2019

Darwin Twilight Waterfront

Nina Hendy reporter for Fairfax Newspapers interviewed Peter Horsfield about retiring early and strategies to grow your wealth.
Frugal people are prudent savers and live a deliberately economical life. This can mean different things to different people.
Peter Horsfield, 48, and his wife Rosalind save around $50,000 a year by implementing smarter ways to keep more money in their pockets.
The couple run a small financial planning business, paying themselves $100,000 ($73,060 after tax) each per year.
They apply salary sacrificing of up to $25,000 each into superannuation, minimising their taxable income down to $75,000, saving $4825 in tax each per year, or $9650 annually.
“The benefit of doing this is that it not only moves us into a lower tax bracket, our money also grows in a low tax environment," Peter says"
PS. We still pay tax, quite a bit actually in both our personal and company tax returns, so the article is a bit of a misrepresentation. The point I was emphasizing with the reporter is ......
"financial independence is not a sprint, it's a marathon, and saving regularly along with patience is the key to financial success".

The New Daily -9th May 

HawaiiCait Kelly, reporter for THENEWDAILY intervied Peter Horsfield about city professionals and business owners making the move to regoinal cities of Australia.

Four years ago Peter Horsfield and his wife migrated up the east coast – to near the top – of Australia.

The pair had been proud Sydneysiders for years until the traffic jams and daily bustle started to taint their love for the city.

“I looked overseas, I looked at moving to the Gold Coast, but Cairns just came up,” the financial planner told The New Daily.

“I basically did an analysis of how you can have a balance between generating income, servicing customers and having a higher quality of life, and Cairns just ticked those boxes.”

“Everything is ‘Hey wow’. People are lovely, you can talk with your neighbours, you don’t have to worry about traffic, cost of living is great, there are so many outdoors activities, and you can keep yourself engaged.”

The couple is just one example of the great middle-aged migration happening across the country.

But as thousands of Australians leave capital cities for greener pastures, they’re also pushing up house prices in some regional centres.

As of December 2018, only three capital cities across the country featured among centres with the 10 most expensive median house prices, with Sydney losing the top spot to Byron Bay, new research from Propertyology shows.


Here's the link if you'd like to read more

 Inspire Sport - 25th March 201

Darwin Twilight WaterfrontBrett Downes of Inspire Sport interviewed Peter Horsfield about adult mindsets and achieving goals.. 

Our feelings of self-worth, are often twisted and magnified by our own expectations, past experiences and the physical changes due to our hormones and the foods and drinks we consume.

The good news is that we are not our past and each day we have the opportunity to live, believe in and do the activities to bring us closer to experiencing our ideal lives.

Frustratingly we all know the simple rules to be successful in life however it's never that easy.

To be successful we simply need to know specifically what we want, know how much it will cost us and pay for it.

I also know that change can happen in a moment, however coming to the decision to change can take years if not decades.

Here's the link if you'd like to read more: 


The Ultimate Guide to Relocation: Everything you need to take into account before moving to a different country

Australia Day 2015 2015 01 26 049 Copy

Sea Change, Tree Change or somewhere else? 
Here are our top 5 tips
  1. First, plan your finances.
  2. You’ll want to plan on supporting a certain lifestyle similar to the one you have now. Benchmark your current general expenses (rent, petrol, gym, school, nanny) and unexpected ones (medical treatment) to these costs in your new location.
  3. What’s the distance your new residence will be to facilities and work? Moving into an affordable neighborhood close to work and transport will make your transition much easier. Just as there are more expensive or cheaper countries to consider, there are expensive and affordable locations in every city, state or province. Meaning you may be able to move into a great country at far less cost that you may first think.
  4. Finally consider the experience – “choose your own adventure”. If you’re relocating just yourself there is less to consider but if your setting sail across the oceans to discover and live a new life with your family in tow.. Well that’s quite another matter entirely.
  5. Think culture, lifestyle, food, weather conveniences, different customs and more.

Uno.The online mortgage broker - 10th Oct 2018

peter profileJessica Uhlmann from Uno. The online mortgage broker inteviews Peter Horsfield of SMARTadvce about how speaking with your financial planner can help you achieve your financial goals of home ownership or home deposit sooner.

As a financial planner, Horsfield’s job is not to recommend financial products but to help his clients stay on track as they work towards those goals.

“Because every decision we make has a cost and we need to be mindful of the impact of that cost,” he says.

“It’s having that coach that will hold your hand and at the same time inspire you to keep on track till your goal is a reality.”

Horsfield says a good advisor will be across a client’s life changes, career changes and economic changes.

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My Deal Article 21st march 2018

Family BudgetReporter Julie Hammond interviews Peter Horsfield of SMARTadvice and asked him his 5 tips needed to make a household budget bullet proof.

With the cost of living seeming to rise daily and even more the pressure to stretch the budget the following tips are both easy to apply and sustain in every way.

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My Deal Article 12th December 2017

blog image 20171211230623250If saving more, getting out of debt or simply having a simple financial plan you can stick with is important to you.

Then this article is for you.

Julie Hammond interviewed Peter Horsfield of SMART Advice with some three great tips for your year ahead in 2018.

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1st August 2017 Lifestyle & Budgeting.

Try out New Ways to Save

Monisha Iswaran inteviews Peter Horsfield of SMARTadvice for his thoughts and tips on we can all save money, simply by being a little smarter with what we doing day to day.

From no fee banking accounts, how far to book out travel and much more. Peter reveals where to find and save thousands of dollars annually without having to cut back your lifestyle.

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27th July 2017 Health & Fitness. My 

Worry Free NaturallyAlly Feiam of Blessed Not Stressed interviewed Peter Horsfield and founder of SMARTadvice about how aligning our choices to our core values is the foundation of both our success and happiness in life.

Peter discuses how he works both on himself and his clients to ensure the greatest chance of success for all and how success can be achieved both immediately and sustained over the long term.

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International Career Institute 28th November 2016

banner-bgIf you're thinking of a carrer change and the impact this will have on your finances. Then read our full interview with Peter Horsfield Senior Advisor at SMARTadvice. Here we dicsusses with Peter his strategies to improve individuals cash flow, save on personal insurances, grow our retirement savings and how we can manage our debt while on our journey achieving our financial indpenpdence.

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GQ Magazine Finance 29th November 2016

48445-1 lWe interview certified Financial Planner Peter Horsfield for his opinion about the best place to stash your cash. 

We are told, “cash is King,” but with current interest rates at historical lows, and some countries like Japan and Switzerland having negative interest rates, is the King dead?

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25th January 2016 NRMA Living Well Magazine

Late Life Divorce

Divorce can be a devastating hit our finances let alone to every other area of our life including our relationships, health and careers. In this article Fairfax and Freelance Journalist Sylvia Pennington interviews Certified Financail Planner and founder of SMART Advice Peter Horsfield to get his thoughts and tips for those facing this daunting process of rebuilding ones life after divorce.

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1st March 2016 Living Well Magazine

Granny FlatEver considered moving back in with the kids? What about moving the kids out into their own tiny home? Maybe you want to subsisise your income and try AirBNB with a granny flat in your back yard. Before you do, read our interview with one of the money experts. We discuss with Peter Horsfield Senior Advisor at SMART advice his tips and traps, to ensure you maximise the returns on your investment.

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17th March FINSIA

Confident Women

Peter Horsfield from SMART Financial Advice says in his experience women tend to establish an SMSF after attaining a large sum in their employer super or industry super fund from an event like a redundancy or retirement.

Read our full interview with Peter about his experince, with women, their money and how they are beating men at manageing their own SMSF's.

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1st December Banjo Loans Blog

Financial Coach

At Banjo, we appreciate that the right business coach can add real value to your business, acting as a mentor and helping to develop new revenue lines, drive profitability and introduce better business processes. But it’s important to work with a coach who has demonstrable ability assisting previous clients to grow their business to ensure you get the biggest benefit possible.

We interview Peter Horsfield, a financial planner with SMART Advice who has used a coach as a business consultant to help improve his enterprise.

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July 21st 2015 Australian Property Investor

SMSF Spliting up

At the Australian Property Investor our focus is to find the best way for you to achieve your property ownership and goals sooner. On this journey many couples contemplate establishing a SMSF and  borrow to purchase their property.

We interview Certified Financial Planner Peter Horsfield of SMART advice for his thoughts about SMSF, property ownership within SMSF and divorce. 

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