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How to Save Money to Avoid a Quick Financial Ruin

Rate Choice, August 12th 2014

ratechoiceaugIt takes hard work to earn money, but your funds can be easily depleted before you know it. This is true for most ordinary workers living from one paycheck to another, who have to struggle with financial obligations as well as spend for the fulfillment of their leisurely activities. It can be quite frustrating once you realise that you are already stuck on a cycle of having to squeeze up your hard-earned money from day to day.

However, it is not too late to change your financial status and habits. Aside from storing your money through a savings account, Susannah Guthrie of The New Daily recently revealed other ways for you to save money fast using simple and innovative means.

Citing the tips provided by Peter Horsfield, a financial advisor and the founder of Smart Advice, the source recommended the following approaches to save money

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