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3 Pills Every Business Leader Needs

SMH Small Bisiness Section 6th July 2015

PillsThe Sydney Morning Herald reporter Claire Dunn interviews Peter Horsfield of SMARTadvice about the three pills  every business leader needs. Taken every day, this medicine can make the difference between surviving and thriving or ending up in a Centrelink queue.


According to business coach and founder of SMARTadvice Peter Horsfield, there are three pills every long-haul leader should take:

1. The Chill Pill

If people are starting to stress you out, says Horsfield, don't let them ruffle your feathers. Stay focused on the task at hand and don't be put off by others' opinions.

2. The Just Do It Pill

While many people sit on the sidelines with a wealth of knowledge and opinions about what to do, the sign of a real leader is translating that into action, says Horsfield.

"It all comes down to action. If you don't put your rubber to the road every day and have a go, you're never going to make it," he says.

"It's just like an exercise regime – the hardest thing is putting on your runners and getting out the door. Once you've taken the first steps, you're away. You've just got to do it."

3. The Love Pill

 Great businesses are not built alone – you have to love your team and their dreams too, says Horsfield.

 "You have to help people achieve what's important to them. When they see you're supporting them, they will get on board with your vision too."

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