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Worry Free Naturally

27th July 2017 Health & Fitness. My 

Worry Free NaturallyAlly Feiam of Blessed Not Stressed interviewed Peter Horsfield and founder of SMARTadvice about how aligning our choices to our core values is the foundation of both our success and happiness in life.

Peter discuses how he works both on himself and his clients to ensure the greatest chance of success for all and how success can be achieved both immediately and sustained over the long term.


Stress is a funny thing. You can’t see it, but golly can you feel it. It’s one of those feelings that can creep up on you slowly, or hit you like a bus. There’s no inbetween. There are so many ways you can deal with stress and anxiety, whether it be with meditation, medication or just pretending that it doesn’t exist. The last option is definitely not the best one to go with, so here are some ways you can reduce stress the natural way.

Align Your Values
Sometimes you have to take a step back and see what you’re stressing about. Is it worth the stress? Is it worth the worry? 

 “You have to align your choices with your values. Then have a game plan to keep you on track and a checklist so to ensure nothing is falling through the cracks. Says Peter Horsfield of SMARTadvice. 

Ask yourself "What's important about money to me?" then ask what's important about that last answer to you?

Continue till you reach your aspirations self. After you have identified your goals, time frame and where you are today. You will have clarity about what is missing.

Start to then identify the evidence "aligned with your values" that you are making smart choices about your money i.e. if you said Security is your first value then ask yourself how much money you need to have in the bank "for the unknown" for you to feel secure. Then put that money aside or build it up.

Then move onto your next value or an additional evidence you need to have aligned to your value.

There are many moving parts to people's values and finances, let alone the noise and distractions of others and the media.

So it's vital to spend your time and efforts doing the activities you control rather than what you can't i.e. saving regularly vs market returns & economic events etc.

Other best practice activities is to create a checklist so that you can ensure you always stay on top of your "financial house".

Doing your financial chores well can esure your finaces are well maintained and you'll probably better enjoy the environment you live in.

Doing these are the basics of not only good financial management and planning they are also good for one’s relationships and quality of life.

 With the bonus that you'll get the direct benefit from spending time with loved ones and friends, exercising, eating healthily, improving your skills, and spiritual side. By being better by default you increase your chances of experiencing a better quality of life. We can’t change time but we can change what we do with it.”  

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