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Sea Change, Tree Change or somewhere else?

The Ultimate Guide to Relocation: Everything you need to take into account before moving to a different country

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Sea Change, Tree Change or somewhere else? 
Here are our top 5 tips
  1. First, plan your finances.
  2. You’ll want to plan on supporting a certain lifestyle similar to the one you have now. Benchmark your current general expenses (rent, petrol, gym, school, nanny) and unexpected ones (medical treatment) to these costs in your new location.
  3. What’s the distance your new residence will be to facilities and work? Moving into an affordable neighborhood close to work and transport will make your transition much easier. Just as there are more expensive or cheaper countries to consider, there are expensive and affordable locations in every city, state or province. Meaning you may be able to move into a great country at far less cost that you may first think.
  4. Finally consider the experience – “choose your own adventure”. If you’re relocating just yourself there is less to consider but if your setting sail across the oceans to discover and live a new life with your family in tow.. Well that’s quite another matter entirely.
  5. Think culture, lifestyle, food, weather conveniences, different customs and more.
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