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How to Create Substantial Wealth


Creating wealth is counter intuitive, if you want to keep it long term.

True wealth is more than just a bigger sum in your bank account, however the following will help you accelerate it, keep it longer and enjoy it more.

The following are five things you can do now to substantially increase your wealth:

1. Invest time in more bonding experiences with your partner and those important to you. These experiences don't have to require additional spending (think a walk, make a meal, conversation etc…). Why do this? Well divorce is the fastest way to loose half or more of your wealth, not including the emotional distraction and financial cost rebuilding your life. This goes for business relationships and work environments.

2. Invest in yourself. This means better health, career education/research, money management/ cash flow & savings, spiritual growth, contribution to others lives. You will find greater peace and personal happiness. Additionally you will have less need and desire to take greater risks, whilst having more time to enjoy living life to its fullest.

3. Discover, give and help other people get the things that are important to them first (not what you want and need first). As the saying goes by Zig Ziglar "You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help enough other people get what they want".

4. Discover your "BeCause". When you know your core values and make choices aligned to these values you increase your chance of success and have directly improved your quality of life.

5. Let go of your past failures. We know we cannot change our past, however we can change our future doing the activities that create success and work towards. "The best thing about the future is that it happens one day at a time"Abraham Lincoln". Do what you can do today. Time will pass whether you do or do not.


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