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How to Save Money Without Cutting Back on your Quality of Life


The saying "You can't cut to greatness" is as true for business as it is for our own financial goals.

However I want to share with you some simple activities you can implement, delivering great savings, whilst maintaining your current quality of life and helping you achieve your financial goals sooner.


  1. Change your transactional bank account and credit card fees. Switch to a nil cost account/provider.
  2. Change lenders or products if you have a home loan. Compare rates and consider benefits of changing to an offset account.
  3. Review your insurance providers (life & general) and compare terms & costs vs. competitors terms & costs
  4. Review your utility suppliers (power, phone, gas) fees and services vs. competitors.
  5. Apply for a commission refund if not accessing advice on your retirement accounts.
  6. Claim your rightful deductions in your annual tax return.
  7. Spend your money more in alignment with your values. Challenge your spending that’s for show.
  8. Automate your finances. Save on late fees. Some provides give discount for paying on time while paying on time also improves your credit rating.
  9. Get a money jar for all you spare change.
  10. Take care of what you own. Saves money on maintenance and repair costs.

Feel free to add more helpful ideas in the comments area.

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