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How to increase your self confidence

Seven Questions you can integrate immediately and assist your mindset.

1. Where are you confident?

Is a vital initial question to ask yourself, as everyone is confident in one or many areas of their life for example, confident in cooking, confident in dancing, confident in finances, confident in parenting, confident in transport routes. Listing as many as possible is extremely important in raising your confidence awareness.

2. Who has seen you confident?

Is the next question to ask yourself. As you are confident but in different areas of life. This step involves you reflecting on WHO has seen you confident for example, my fiancé last playing football, my co-worker Jim closing a deal, my daughter writing an article etc. Be as specific as possible and find a minimum of 20 different people.

3. When were you last or currently confident?

Is a combination of the above, but focused on the WHEN were you confident. Your answers here make you go deeper into your personal confidence – some answers maybe 2 years ago, some 2 hours ago. Adding as many as possible will bring you closer to feeling and being more confident.

4. What do I bring to ABC?

Is specifically targeting how you see yourself INDEPTH. For example what do I bring to my work environment, what do I bring to my relationship/s, what do I bring to my sports team, what do I bring to my family etc. This list is another where answers count, and accumulating more accumulates your confidence.

5. What physical posture am I presenting?

Posture is an internal representation of your thoughts, feelings and momentary beliefs. A classic confidence booster is walking with confidence – some may say “fake it till you make it” however using the perspective of “ifnothing changes, nothing changes”. Walking with more upright posture is a certain way to increase your confidence.

6. What am I grateful for?

The more you have to be grateful for the more confident you become. People who suffer from depression (mild or excessive) perceive to have next to nothing in their life. By counting you gratitude’s, appreciations and individual blessing, you increase your confidence level. I recommend documenting this in a diary, laptop of folder – therefore you will accumulate a list that inspires, energises and vitalises yourself.

7. What seven daily goals or actions you can set and achieve?

Is the final question and component towards increasing your individual confidence. If we are doing the ABC’s on a daily basis we increase the chances of living a fulfilling and meaningful life, but if we do the XYZ’s we decrease our chances of living a confident and fulfilling life. These goals/actions can be small e.g. replying to work emails only, organising my study/workplace and reading 25 minutes in my desired subject.

I have found by applying these simply principles on a regular basis, and even keeping my clients accountable in doing them, their quality of life and perceptions change – therefore assisting them with their finances, family life and internal satisfaction.

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