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How to be Successful


In helping people live and be able to live a higher quality of life (because they have made smart choices about their money) and have greater confidence and less worries in life. I have identified the following habits and activities successful people implement on a daily basis, ensuring they are best placed to take advantage of opportunities, bounce back from defeat and be present are:

1. Be grateful each morning.

2. See the future (one day at a time) within the limits of your control i.e. let go of what one can't control and invest your efforts and time into what one can control/influence.

3. Let go of the past. Having learnt from your lessons but not let past failures limit your openness to consider future opportunities.

4. Plan the day ahead. Goals are not as important as doing the work. Failure to attain goals can lead to depression and lack of selfworth, however doing daily tasks that move you toward whom you want to become in the future is seen to benefit people in a positive way. i.e. motion begets greater motion

5. Do the work. Whatever the task is they begin and complete it to the best of your ability.

6. Invest in oneself. Education, networking, spiritual reflection, relationships and health (both exercise and nutrition).

7. Ask questions. Those who control the conversations are the ones who ask the questions. They also are like more by others as others are give opportunity to be heard.

8. Do activities and make choices aligned to ones ore values. When you making decisions aligned to your aspirational self you have greater commitment to doing the work and feel a greater satisfaction when your experience the fruits of your efforts.

9. Successful people share their success with others. As the proverbs attest, blessed are those who share their food with the poor.

10. View time as limited/finite as this motivates efficiency and effectiveness in relation to time in order to attain results. This is best achieved via leverage and delegation. A more successful person is seen by others to be the orchestra conductor of one's destiny (who plays no instrument but conducts players) than to be a one man band.

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