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Stretching your dollar more when travelling overseas

Travel BankWith the Aussie dollar falling fast what are some tips for Aussie's wanting to stretch their money further when they head off shore?

1. Consider house swapping.

2. Consider countries with better exchange rates and cost of living. Asia remains affordable as both a place to holiday and the exchange rate remains favorable.

3. If you are doing a family history research holiday, connect before hand and stay with long lost relatives :)

4. Look into house stays for people overseas.

5. Research, research, research. Everything from transport costs,flight i.e. round word tickets may be cheaper then multiple single destinations, research food, dinning see cost of living sites e.g. The more information you have the better  you can identify savings. Booking early can even give you access to early bird discounts.

6. Look into travel cards that allow you to transfer in funds and withdraw them in local currencies without massive costs and penalties, and when you are traveling draw out lump sums rather than small electronic transactions as this can save transaction/exchange costs.

7. Bring less with you. You will probably buy more when you are overseas anyway so keep under the baggage limit by taking less over with you in the first place.

Feel free to add your tips in the comment section and bon voyage!


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