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Perfect Days!


Exercising feels good; traffic to work and home is minimal, I do my activities proactively, any urgent matters are addressed quickly and effectively and the results of my efforts are visible to me.

I thought for the longest of time that these perfect days are what I should be aspiring for and successful people experience this nearly everyday; but I was wrong.

I discovered in my work, finances, health, relationships and inner growth, as it is in nature too much of anything is detrimental i.e. blue skies>drought, rain>flood, pressure>rock, stagnation>poison etc.

When too much work is flooding in, I feel like I’m drowning and when no work is coming in, it feels like a drought. When I put myself under too much pressure, I harden then crack and when things become too easy, profits stagnate or worse decline.

On top of these natural changing business climates, are the days within each season; happy days, sad days, introspective days, outgoing days etc.

Days that not only do I want to throw the towel in but I actively resist doing the work that I concsiously know I need to be doing. I don’t quite understand why I do that while at the same time another part of me finds it enjoyable and empowering. “Pity parties” maybe the polite name for these moments but I like to call them my “Stuff it days”.

Days that I feel like coasting through with minimal input, I have a list of activities but I only do enough work to convince myself and justify to others that “I’ve done something with my time”. On days such as these if you ask me to do something, I will most likely accept but not act immediately as I’m having more fun doing other things that interest me “maybe writing my blog”. The result is important activities get put aside until they become urgent. Call it “procrastinating” if you must however in my defence lacking motivation in one area greater inspires motivation to do other important activities in my life such as exercising, self-reflection, planning etc.…

Days I’m pumped and eager to get in and do the work, then I when I get into work and I quickly fall into a “daily grind” or coasting day. These days are really frustrating as I held initial such high expectations of myself. The same frustration comes over me when I am motivated, pumped and getting through my activities however other urgent matters come up requiring my attention when all I want to do is get my list of activities done.

Perfect days. Exercising is easy, traffic to work and home is minimal, I do my activities proactively, any urgent matters are address quickly and effectively and the results of my efforts are visible to me.

What I have learnt is that I can’t control business climates or my day to day feelings, however I can acknowledge them and know them for what they are. And by doing so I now make choices with better perspective.

Here are some tips I apply!

  1. I work on myself in other areas. It’s natural to have a flat day, on these days I focus on other areas in my life that I value i.e. health, relationships, inner growth, planning.
  2. I have automated my savings plan. This way regardless of how I feel I stick to my long term savings goals.
  3. I do “my” one thing every day. I promise myself to do my “one thing” each and every day until it becomes a habit. “Watch your thoughts. They become words. Watch your words. They become deeds. Watch your deeds. They become habits. Watch your habits. They become character. Character is everything”. Frank Outlaw Late President of the Bi-Lo Stores
  4. I ask myself, will this action help me, hurt me, hinder me or harm me?
  5. I let go of the past and what I can’t control. I do the activities which I have control over i.e. write a blog instead of reading a newspaper, communicate instead of watching TV.
  6. I add value to other people lives i.e. listening, referring, helping etc.
  7. I exercise, drink lots of water and have eliminated alcohol and crap food i.e. excessive sugar and carbohydrates from my life.
  8. I do the work. Maybe not immediately, however I do the work that needs to be done within a reasonable timeframe.
  9. I turn up the tunes on songs loved as a kid, laugh and dance like no one is watching. 
  10. I get out of my comfort zone and put myself in a new environment where I meet and engage with inspiring people.

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