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Small business & Start up Tips

Q&A with industry expert Peter Horsfield


What was the inspiration to be a business owner?

It's the third best proven way to create real wealth i.e. share, property and business.

Anything you have experienced that could help others build their business successfully.

Know why you are doing it. Your why must be greater than you why not to to do.
Your commitment must be greater than your discomfort (short and long term).

Challenges or roadblocks that you have overcome?

Same growing pains as anyone has starting from nothing. Finding clients, forming referral relationships, juggling bills etc..

Followed by expanding to quickly and then being hit by a GFC (a big thing when you have a financial planning business), followed by changes in legislation, media hysteria, industry rationalizations and disruptive technology.

However when you know clients lives are improved because of you commitment and ongoing relationship with them, all the "uncontrollable noise" fades and you get on with doing what you do best i.e. Helping people make smart choices about their money for the reasons important to them.

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