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The 10 Important things about personal finance, someone without a finacial background needs to know.

photo6Whether you've just started out on your journey to achieving financial independence or you're well on your way, but feeling a bit lost.

The following are some nuggets of gold I've discovered along the way that has helped and encouraged me too.

1. Investing in yourself will be the most valuable and highest returning investment you will ever make.

2. Aligning your financial choices to your core values will help you not only make better decisions, you will also be able to make them faster, more confidently and give yourself a higher probability of success.

3. More money is only the outcome of doing everything else right. Money alone is not the reason for getting your life and finances in order.

4. Money always flows to where it receives the most value.

5. Time is a finite resource. It is the invisible ingredient when making any decision, plan and realising your goals.

6. Better to save on fees, taxes and protect your earnings from inflation, than solely focusing on your investment returns. If you can reduce these costs, you can increase your investment returns without increasing your investment risk.

7. Often wealth is the simply a transfer of money between the impatient investor to the patient investor.

8. You can’t control markets; however you can control yourself.

9. Clothes do not maketh the man.

10. An inch of action will always beat miles of good intentions every time.

If you are stuck in a funk or you’re lost in a cloud of complexity, feel free to contact me. Most often in life we just need someone to talk things through and to lighten our load a little. The following articles may also be of help.

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This post was written by Peter Horsfield, as such they are his personal views. Peter helps you to focus on what’s most important, the right strategies at the right time. To learn more about How to become Financially Independent visit Peter Horsfield Smart Advice

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