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SintraWell friends, 2017 is now dry cement.

However before we embark on our plans for 2018 I’d like to share the ups and downs, successes and failures of the 2017 that was.

I do this at the start and end of each year to keep myself accountable and inspired on this journey called life. As a reference point click the 2016 Benchmarking Success link here.

The past maybe dry cement, but I believe it’s also important to also celebrate how far we’ve come, reflect on where we could have done better and put myself out there publicly as a form of motivation to do the work I need to do in making my plans a reality.

I hope that you find my wins, stumbles, and insights help you on your own journey to getting the most in life.

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Photo7 inner 43 665 451 685 24 955 441 1001You bring me pleasure and joy.

Watching you sleep, your eyes closed, a relaxed face, your chest rising and falling with each breath you take brings me joy.

I know your desires, pains, strengths and self-doubts. I know them all.

I’m deeply touched by things you do for me.

Be yourself always and rest assured that your uniqueness is beautiful and brings me much happiness.

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IMG 1683 2Growing up my Dad said he considered changing my brother and my names to Gunna and Gotta.  Why? Because whenever he asked if we had done our chores, I would say “Yes dad. I’m gunna” and my brother would say “Yes Dad. I just gotta…..

Even today I still catch myself saying I’m gunna when it comes to chores around the home, however sixteen years and nine months ago I said I do.

Not I will, or I must, or should but I do. For better or worse, sickness or health, poverty or riches until death do us part and knowing the difference is the secret to success.

Success is simple. First you decide specifically on what you want and secondly you decide if you’re willing to pay the price for it. Then you pay the price.

If we really want to experience that which is important to us we simply must DO the things we know we need to do. Period.

Want a happier relationship? If you’re not prepared to work at it, or pay the price in other areas of your life for it….. Rosalind (Mrs H) has a saying for you Well go ahead; want on one hand and shit on the other and see which one fills up quicker”. She has such a great way with her words!

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FullSizeRender 1“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” Ibn Battuta 

Today I rode a camel.

Riding a camel is nothing like riding a horse. Not the mounting, dismounting, riding/swaying or the itchy, smell and overall discomfort. However the experience concluded by watching the sun setting over the Sahara dunes followed by a dinner, drums and drinks in a Berber tent and under a star filled night.

An experience to leave me speechless and one I will cherish for the rest of my living days.

This journey and most recent experience has taken many years. From an initial thought, followed by an interest, then a plan and lastly a committed action.

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Darwin Twilight WaterfrontEvery day we are bombarded with media, work colleagues, strangers, families and friends judgments about our body shapes.

Our feelings of self-worth, twisted and magnified by our own expectations, past experiences and the physical changes due to our hormones and the foods and drinks we consume.

The good news is that we are not our past and each day we have the opportunity to live, believe in and do the activities to bring us closer to experiencing our ideal lives.

In life I’ve learnt that success is simple, but not easy. You simply need to know specifically what you want, know how much it will cost and pay for it.

I also know that change can happen in a moment, however coming to the decission to change can take years if not decades.

Recently I decided to change my relationship with food and myself and pay the price to achieve my goal.

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Stress-FreeMoney issues that can cause stress and the solutions to help.

1."Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen [pounds] nineteen [shillings] and six [pence], result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery." - Charles Dickens, David Copperfield

Solution:  1. Make more money, 2. Spend less money, 3. Do both 1 & 2.

2. “This would be a much better world if more married couples were as deeply in love as they are in debt.” -Earl Wilson.

Solution: If you are in debt your most important priority is to ensure your debts are manageable and not impacting your choices, quality of life, relationships and aspirations.

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Gold PandaIn our busy consumer and capitalist modern day lives, it’s easy to be coaxed into believing bigger is better.

Business leaders set Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAG's) for their organisations. Motivational speakers preach “Aim for the stars, because if you miss at least you’ll land on the moon”, whilst talented athletes train for years with their hopes set on Olympic Gold.

We're constantly striving for more; more money, more experiences, more accolades and attention. Whilst forgetting or unaware of how much is really enough.

Often we buy into the misbelief that we’re less than others based on others having more. Which by the way is a fondational globally successful strategy used by advertisers to push their products.

A“caveat emptor” about goals.

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Recently I had a very enlightening conversation with a chef, and discovered why their cakes always win the awards?

Applied the same way I discovered a foolproof process for having your cake (achieving our own financial goals in life) and eating it too.

Conversation with an Award Winning Chef.

Award Winning Chef: What is the first thing you need to do when you make a cake?

Me: Get the ingredients?

Award Winning Chef: No!

Me: Get the recipe?

Award Winning Chef: No!

Me: Um.... I don’t know, I give up. What do I need to do?

Award Winning Chef: Decide what type of cake you want to bake, and why?

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FullSizeRender 2

Both from personal and profession experience, I’ve learnt and seen on a daily basis, at its core, what we spend our money on, is a direct reflection of what we value most.  

For example when my self-esteem is high I start booking “experience” holidays, because new experiences and holidays are important to me.

When my self-esteem is low my natural inclination is to buy and eat junk food. Why? Because important to me at that time are my feelings of comfort, rebellion and unworthiness.

However it’s also important to understand the connection between our money and our job.

Your job probably means many diffident things to you; however the core purpose of our job is basically to earn enough money so we can do the things we most value and are important to us.

What’s important to you is like opening Pandora’s Box, however in short the academic community has concluded that happiness is attainable though a continuous combination of friendships, freedom, health, financial security, privacy, a life philosophy and a purpose.

“Your Money or Your Life” is a book written by Vicki Robin, Joe Dominguez & Monique Tilford. It has many fantastic insights and prespectives about financial independence being within most peoples reach if they choose and ask the reader many questions; however one particuar question is of profound importance “How much are you trading your life energy for?

Let’s use the following as an example of what a job costs us (based on a $25 hourly income)?


Time/ week

Cost $25/hr




Tax 25%



Preparation for work









Unwinding (stressed out)



Escape Entertainment






Total Cost



In this example not only is this cost of the persons job 66.5hrs a week of their non-renewable resource A.K.A. time, they are also spending more than they earn. Sound familiar?

So while everyone is different, my point is there are a multitude of indirect costs and ways we may or may not be consciously factoring into the cost we pay for our jobs.

These costs are in addition to the impact our jobs may be having on our health, relationships, and happiness.

The important take out from this exercise is to ask ourselves “Is there a better way?

And if so what are the activities we can do right now that will start to improve our life in a positive way?”

For myself this required what others may call a radical shift .

I expanded my business and relocated from Sydney to Cairns the doorstep of the Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rainforest.

Doing so has saved me $50,000 less per year in my "job", as a result my income increased and I have more time to exercise, entertain, grow and help others. The very things that are important to me and my happiness.

If you are stuck in a funk or you’re lost in a cloud of complexity feel free to contact me. Most often in life we just need someone to talk things through and to lighten our load a little. The following articles may also be of help.

7 ways to be instantly free and start living your dreams (ideal life) now!

Be Debt Free ASAP

From Little Things Big Things Grow

If Not Now? Then When?

Free at Last!

This post was written by Peter Horsfield, as such they are his personal views. 

About Peter Horsfield

Peter Horsfield in an Authorised Representative and Investsure Holdings Pty Ltd ABN 16 050 286 630 as trustee for Horsfield Family Trust ABN 55 609 068 513 is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Infocus Securities Australia Pty Ltd ABN 47 097 797 049 AFSL and Australian Credit Licence No. 236523.


Successful people have this over their rivals; they know why, where and how to reach their goals sooner.

  • Are you on track?
  • How much do you need?
  • How long will it take?
  • What are my risks?

Because action beats intention every time!


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EffortIn a recent google search I discovered that at best only “4% of the population will ever be financially independent”.

Anyone who’s ever started a savings plan knows that this figure is accurate, as the temptation to spend your money now far outweighs the sacrifice of saving and having more in the future.

Maybe you haven’t discovered how much money our money can make by reinvesting our earnings; especially when working with a trusted adviser to help decide what steps and actions to take and which ones will be the most effective.

Maybe you are saving because we’re told too not realising the benefits from investing aligned to what’s truly important to you; or you’re still trying to figure it all out on our own.

Whatever the reasons are, here are some sure signs that achieving financially independence will be a struggle for you.

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Koko Head Summit“What’s important about money to you?” I asked a prospective client who came to me for some advice. To which they replied “Well I’d rather be rich and unhappy than poor and unhappy”.

On the surface this sounds a valid and reasonable response. It also reflects our modern day society’s appetite and drive for achievement, however rather than helping us it may be deceiving us of what maybe a better way.

Let’s use the following personal experience to put this in perspective.

My goal weight is 78kg. When I’m above this weight I feel unhappy and unsatisfied.

My desire to achieve my happy weight motivates me to over exercise, over diet, become overly tired, then give up.

Often I’d find myself with a spoon in one hand and a bowl of ice-cream in the other, accepting failure again and the entire experience negatively impacting not only my self-esteem but my work, my relationships, my health and finances too.

Furthermore the times when I achieved my goal weight, within the next six to twelve months my weight is back on or more and I’m left wondering how I got there. A feeling of exhaustion and defeated wash over me as I accept that this maybe simply be my lot in life i.e. constantly experiencing this painful process over and over again. So much for happiness!

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2016Well friends, 2016 is now dry cement.

However before we embark on our plans for 2017 I’d like to share the ups and downs, successes and failures of the 2016 that was.

I do this at the start and end of each year to keep myself accountable and inspired on this journey called life.

The past maybe dry cement, but I believe it’s also important to also celebrate how far we’ve come, reflect on where we could have done better and put myself out there publicly as a form of motivation to do the work I need to do in making my plans a reality.

I hope that you find my wins, stumbles, and insights help you on your own journey to getting the most in life.

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Fear Not

 Here’s an interesting thought. “Thoughts are things” and our thoughts directly impact our lives. They are the building blocks of our focus, feelings, validation and self-esteem.

So there is some truth in the saying “Choose one’s attitude and you choose one’s life”, however what if our attitude is one of worry & fear?

Studies have found about 86% of us classify ourselves as worriers. Maybe a better career choice would be to become a Fearessional (a person who fears professionally).On average people are worrying approximately 2hrs a day.

Source How much time do you spend worrying?

Paradoxically we are living in a time when we have better health, environment, communication, transparency, greater safety, financial security and less wars.

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0004661500 10The reason I get up each day and do business.

"To help you achieve your ideal life, live it worry free and make the world a better place". Peter Horsfield. Certified Financial Planner

Rich Happy Worry Free

Succinct, compelling and all about You!

  1. Money isn't the answer. Any money that you spend that doesn't make you HAPPIER is WASTED!
  2. Love what you do.- We are all attracted to authenticity and genuineness.
  3. Do only the activities that you receive a direct benefit from. i.e. diet, exercise, relationships, education, adventure and spirit.
  4. Discover your spirituality. We are spiritual beings having a human experience.
  5. Do it for you .i.e. Be true to yourself.
  6. Challenge yourself often; mentally, physically, musically, spiritually, confront your fears and emotionally.
  7. Let go of the past and future. The present is a present.

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red pandaGrowing up Dad would drive me to swimming training early in the morning and to pass the time we would tell each other jokes.

Trained as an accountant with a background in economics and having a very dry sense of humour, this is one of my favourite jokes I remember him recounting me.

A businessman was interviewing job applications for the position of manager of a large division. He quickly devised a test for choosing the most suitable candidate.

He simply asked each applicant this question, "What is one plus one?"

The first interviewee was a journalist. His answer was, "Eleven".

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010312093105-422609 10150588760314212 511794211 9285741 549660928 nThe American’s sure know how to market entertainment and sadly I’ve been sucked into watching Trump vs Republicans slagging matches, the Bernie Sanders and Hilary with the FBI. It’s House of Cards but Live!

I’ve even snapped at loved ones, just so I could watch a news grab or an interview with the candidates themselves, their fans or political commentators slagging or slandering each other like it’s a sport.

Then I asked myself “What value is this adding to my life?" It only freaks me out watching all this political sensationalism and it’s distracting me from the more important things in life within my control i.e. exercising, relationships, helping clients and trying new things.

At first my solution was to simply block news website pages and I downloaded movies instead of watching free to air TV. This only gave me more time to wonder about what’s happening, which lead me to an realisation that it might not be politics or news I am addicted to. It might be something more.

Looking inward and self-examining “What do I want more of? What can’t I get enough of? What don’t I have enough of?

Some of my discoveries were as follows.

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In life I believe we are given signs. In fact I literally saw mine walking to work. “Better, Not Bigger” flashed before me as the bus turned the corner and speed off.

Since then this “simple” message changed my perspective of life to its core; rippled through my business dealings, relationships, health, experiences and goals, to what I believe and doing so helped me to reveal the more authentic me.

K.I.S.S. an acronym for "Keep it simple, stupid" created for a design principle noted by the U.S. Navy in 1960.

This K.I.S.S. principle states that most systems work best if they are kept simple rather than made complicated; therefore simplicity should be a key goal in design and unnecessary complexity should be avoided.

In fact I believe simplicity embodies elegance, wisdom, effectiveness and profitable.

I think I’m in good company here.

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TurtlesWhy bother? Why struggle and why strive? In the end one is getting out of here alive.

More than this, in three defiantly four generations no one will know or remember us anyway, aside from maybe some old pictures, certificates and titles.

Who am I living life for? Myself or the good opinion of others?

Invisible bars of expectations and limiting beliefs imprison me from experiencing who I truly may be and become. Not only to myself but to others.

The struggle to accumulate wealth and the approval of others leaves me burnt out and cynical. Full of worries and looking forward to embracing death, where dashed hopes and worries would haunt me no longer.

Step out in front of that car, jump off that balcony or maybe a quick slash with a sharp knife. It’s so easy to be one moment alive and then next, not!

I remember this self-talk starting back in 2010 and it carrying on at least up to mid-2014.

Looking back on these the dark years, I was truly broken, by my own doing and I believe by the will of God. My memory scars continue to heal today, however at that time back in mid 2014 I first needed to make a huge leap into the unknown.

Lost and confused, angry with myself and God and feeling abandoned, shamed, hurt, and estrangement from the pleasure of life. I considered my only remaining option and began my process of making peace with God (the Creator of all life). I remember many times breaking down and crying on this journey of disarmament, acknowledgement and acceptance.

The reason I share this with you is to encourage you and that to be alive is to feel pain, sorrow and fear. However if we are to feel truly alive, peace must be our foundation. The fact is God doesn’t need us, but we need God; for both our own peace and an enabler for us to experience a higher quality of life.

Regardless of what happens in my future, peace is my constant goal for myself and others, since I would not be where I am today without this experience, nor would I be as at peace with myself and life.

In mid-2014 an opportunity to do what I love in a location that inspires me every single day presented itself. The challenge involved a life changing transition, including but not limited to a change of office, new clients, transitioning existing clients, new licences, large sums of money to be borrowed and the unknown.

The place was Cairns and the thing I love to do is help people live their ideal life, without financial stress i.e. peace without worries.

Change is never easy however finding peace and making choices aligned to what is important to me made my decision all that much easier.

And with this confidence I stepped forward into the unknown, without any guarantees and holding true to my core values.

Here are some tips I apply to my own life:

  • Be true to yourself. Do it for you.
  • Exercise, get out and amongst nature and be no place else!
  • Meditate, reflect, and find your own peace.
  • Find a non-judgement environment and talk (especially men).
  • Sometimes medication can help. Seek medical advice.
  • Change your physical environment to one that inspires you.
  • Discover what’s important to you and do these things daily.
  • Get you financial house in order as this underpins greater confidence.

About Peter Horsfield

Peter Horsfield in an Authorised Representative and Investsure Holdings Pty Ltd ABN 16 050 286 630 as trustee for Horsfield Family Trust ABN 55 609 068 513 is a Corporate Authorised Representative of Infocus Securities Australia Pty Ltd ABN 47 097 797 049 AFSL and Australian Credit Licence No. 236523.





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