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How To Achieve Your Goals Sooner

Helicopter Flight over Great Barrier ReefPersonally I find achieving my goals difficult. Often I just put them to one side and hope that they will be achieved by themselves. Dreaming!!! Yeah I know, however in my experience life often finds a way of getting in the way, or making the goal I think about, inconvenient or increasing stress in other areas. So I give up!

Nine time out of ten I give up, I give up on even trying to attempt my goals. The one time out of ten is because I’m fed up with where I am and fearful of what might happen if I don’t. Looking back my personal conclusion is that only when my fear is greater than my procrastination do I begin to take achieving my goals seriously and commit.

Fear maybe a great motivator however from experience fear as a repetitive motivator has lead me to burnout, withdrawal, self-doubt, mental illness (depression) and wrong choices. All of which delayed me achieving my bigger goals or go so far as derailing me from achieving it at all.

A big failure of mine in the past has been listening to the noise in the world and good intentioned opinions of those important to me, telling me their views of what being a success in life looks like.

Am I living their life or mine?

Call it maturity, rebirth, taking ownership of my own life, or simply being true to my authenticity; however I now choose and approach my goals with respect and quiet reserve. I have documented a list of all the personal experiences I would like to have had in living a life on purpose. I have prioritised these experiences into this year, next year and years beyond along with what I need to do to make these experiences a reality and the help I might need or not.

There are things in life that are deeply personal to me. These “gold nuggets” are waiting to be mined and cashed in, so I can go dig for more of my “gold nuggets”, however mining for gold is dirty, gritty, exhausting, labour and resource intensive at the same time the input is all based on the assumption gold will be found, before actually finding it. I can’t find gold without digging!

Here are some tips I apply to achieve my goals sooner!

  1. I am true to myself by aligning my money choices with my values. This requires self-reflection, identification and documentation of “What’s important about money to me?”
  2. I know where I am today and where everything is. I have this stored securely and have ready access. I can benchmark my progress, while having peace of mind I have my important documents on call.
  3. I do one all-encompassing goal at a time i.e. I am 100% committed all in and do the work. If other long term goals are also being worked on at the same time automate them as much as possible to minimise distraction and maximise efficiencies.
  4. I say no or negotiate an alternative which will heighten my chances of remaining on track to achieving my goal.
  5. I know I can. When I get frustrated and wish I had already achieved my goal I think about how water can erode granite. It just takes time and friction… maybe a very long time however these two combined erode even the toughest of rocks!
  6. I celebrate achieving my goals. This is followed up with a journal entry of how I felt achieving my goal, which I can look back and reflect on.
  7. I see my goals as a journey not a destination. In this way I have fun with my goals; they become my life long hobby i.e. they become me and I do them for my own pleasure and no longer for the acceptance of others.

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